Let us take you for a culinary journey you’ll never forget!


We found him bored and miserable because of his everyday work, but he was a sad bus with beautiful dreams. He wanted to take people on a unique tours in Edinburgh and during that trip he wanted to serve the best Scottish cuisine people have ever tasted. Luckily he met us! We decided to pour our heart and soul into his dream and together we made it real! You have never seen such a happy bus in your life! Please meet Robert the Bus.

Together with friends and family, we have converted him piece by piece into a luxury restaurant on wheels. It was a life changing experience for us and for Robert of course. We now hope you will join us for some never-to-be forgotten tasteful hours on our bus.

Want to see more? Please have a look at the gallery for more photos from Robert’s journey.



There are two options for you to choose from.

Either take the iconic Queensferry Crossing & Edinburgh Coast Tour or enjoy the beautiful and historic views of Edinburgh’s world famous city centre. Whilst taking in the eye-catching scenes outside you will be entertained and fed from our local menus.

Have a look at Our Tours and choose what you like. We strongly recommend to take both of them 😉

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Each tour is accompanied by our excellent culinary options.

Our menus are inspired by traditional Tartan favourites but with a twist. We source the best products to ensure your taste buds will be tantalised.
Whether you’re a tourist wanting to try Scottish cuisine for the first time or an intrigued local looking for something different, we are here for you.
Explore our menus and make a booking.