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Let’s go on a culinary journey you’ll never forget!


 Is it a bus? Is it a tour? Is it a restaurant?  It’s a BUSTOURANT, a concept created with love and passion.

Our double decker bus, Robert the Bus, is designed for small and not so small venues. We can serve in places you probably thought not possible before. Along with the unique benefits of having mobile venue there is seating for up to 30 guests, a fully equipped kitchen, bar and a luxury on board WC. With the addition of our gazebo we can comfortably cater for up to 100 people. We can provide catering solutions for any events in any location and with 25 years of hospitality experience we understand what it takes to make the day special. So whatever it is, a wedding reception, TV or film location shooting or backstage at festival, Robert the Bus can accommodate all your requirements.


Getting the right venue is a key to a successful event. We offer stand out features that give your guests a talking point. 





 What we do: 

On Site Catering

Dining Tours

Corporate Socials

Weddings & other Family Occasions

Festivals & Events

& More













































































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